Es hora de irse

Made a few study friends for Electromagnetics, namely, Steven and Ryan. Received my first quiz grade in Thermodynamics. I’m not entirely happy, but I’m not entirely upset either. Adam pointed out a few bugs in my Wiki-comment system. It looks like I’ll have to spend some time this weekend reading Mastering Regular Expressions.

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mySQL gotchas

Met with the Electromagnetics Teaching Assistant in the early afternoon to work on a few problems. Adam and I had a late lunch at Little Dino’s. Finished Problem Set 2 for Electromagnetics. The var partitition filled up on chronos, leading to some rather unusual system stability issues on Linux.

I learned that Linux a executable can be run even if its noexec bit is set by directly calling /lib/ I also found a useful page describing common mySQL gotchas – features which work as advertised, but not as expected. Some of these are a little scary, actually.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

It’s the last day of the long weekend. Worked on Problem Set 2 for Electromagnetics in the evening. Ryan pointed out a bug in greedy pattern matching algorithms for the wiki-style comments, which I promptly corrected. Regular expressions are hard.

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User registration system

Discovered the College E-mail Addresses finder. The entry for Georgia Tech was woefully out of date, however. For the remainder of the day, I wrote code for the online journal software. I modified the journal comment system to support a subset of the wiki-style tags using the PCRE functions in PHP, and also added a working user management system to allow members to comment on entries. Lastly, I added a comments tag to the RSS feed.

The supported wiki rules for the comment system follow:

  • New paragraphs are created by skipping a line.
  • HTML code is not allowed by the wiki system, and is converted to a safe, plain-text representation.
  • Surrounding a phrase with asterisk (*), underscore (_), or equals (=) will bold, italicize, or codify a phrase, respectively.
  • A hypertext URL is of the form [ TB | []( ] and results in the link TB. A URL without a name is not allowed.
  • Lists, headings, tables, and other features are not supported, as they are typically not used in comments. I may, however, add in list support at a later date, as it’s a nice, non-trivial exercise in regular expressions.
  • Only one post may be made per journal entry. This rule is enforced by the wiki system.
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Online journal comments system

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a bit of television, and it’s harder than I thought to do any real work over a long weekend. I decided to add some new features to the online journal, including the initial stages of a comments system, as I finally found a solution to the database query problem that has been plauging me for the past month. It was actual a simple matter of using a left join. I guess it sometimes helps to look at things with a fresh eye. Hopefully the working version of the comments system will be completed by tomorrow, sans security features.

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PGP path finder

As usual, I made a small mistake in units on the Thermodynamics quiz and therefore most likely bombed it. I must be dyslexic or something. Discovered a free PGP timestamping service, which allows a user to corroborate the date of a signed document. In conjunction with traditional non-repudiation techniques, timestamping becomes an important mechanism for validating time-critical documents. I also stumbled across the once defunct PGP key path finder, a utility which gives the shortest path through the web of trust between a pair of keys.

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Energy can neither be created nor destroyed

The Schaum’s Outlines that I ordered from Amazon arrived in the mail today. I highly recommend the outline series to any college student. They are inexpensive texts with a wealth of well-organized information and sample problems to help master important concepts. Books are available for just about any discipline.

I opened the Thermodynamics textbook for the first time today. Chris and I met in the afternoon in the library to work on Thermodynamics problems. We covered basic heat and energy topics and completed a few exercises involving the conversation of mass principles.

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It’s time to start studying again

It’s was a long and busy day. I returned my Computers and Society textbooks to the Engineer’s Bookstore, as Ben offered to sell me his texts for only ten dollars. I spent the afternoon working in the library on Electromagnetics, and read chapter 11, Causal Arguments, from WACE. In the evening, I helped Adam work on his Microelectronic Circuits homework. I’m surprised how much I still remember from the course.

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VMWare in kernel 2.6.1

The weather was surprisingly warm this afternoon. By far, the greatest accomplishment of today was getting VMWare working with the Linux 2.6.1 kernel. I expected a lot of trouble, but the process went smoothly, and required only a patch, in addition to a few minor modifications to the install script. Finished reading chapters one and two of A Gift of Fire, one of the required texts for Computers and Society, and finished the wiki entry for the class.

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True blue love

Mundane work around the house. I’m still burned out from last term, I guess. Adam and I made spaghetti for lunch. Rearranged my room. Fixed a small bug in the e-mail entry journal code caused by variable shadowing.

Finished watching the Ai Yori Aoshi anime series. It has a memorable, heartwarming storyline and a great ending to boot. But then again, I’ve always been a sucker for the romantic-comedy genre. I’ll fill this in with a review of the series later. Much later.

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