Intercambio Cultural

Adam and I had a late lunch at Pizza Hut. Studied Spanish in the afternoon, primarily, the irregular preterite tenses. Found an interesting English-Spanish Cultural Exchange, and contacted several of the visitors. The list seems very active, and I think that this is a great way to meet new people and learn a new language. I’ve already gotten a response from a girl in Nayarit, Mexico! Made some minor JavaScript modifications to the website.

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Fruits Basket

I made a mistake in units again on the Thermodynamics quiz. NIST recently released a Computer Security Incident Handling Guide. The document presents general incident response guidelines that are independent of particular hardware platforms, operating systems, and applications.

Adam and I concluded Fruits Basket, an anime series that gives astonishing insight into human character and emotion. What made the series fascinating to me is that I saw a little bit of myself in each of the characters – the reclusiveness of Yuki, the misdirected anger of Kyo, the optimism of Shigure, and the sadness that Hatori must forever bear. Of course, I also like happy endings.

Work and enthalpy

I discovered that BBC News provides RSS newsfeeds. Read chapter nine in a Gift of Fire, which discussed the broader issues on the impact and control of computers. Added a feature to the online journal which denies access to the site to other users while the site is under development. Chris and I met in the afternoon in the library to study for our Thermodynamics quiz tomorrow.

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Es hora de irse

Made a few study friends for Electromagnetics, namely, Steven and Ryan. Received my first quiz grade in Thermodynamics. I’m not entirely happy, but I’m not entirely upset either. Adam pointed out a few bugs in my Wiki-comment system. It looks like I’ll have to spend some time this weekend reading Mastering Regular Expressions.

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mySQL gotchas

Met with the Electromagnetics Teaching Assistant in the early afternoon to work on a few problems. Adam and I had a late lunch at Little Dino’s. Finished Problem Set 2 for Electromagnetics. The var partitition filled up on chronos, leading to some rather unusual system stability issues on Linux.

I learned that Linux a executable can be run even if its noexec bit is set by directly calling /lib/ I also found a useful page describing common mySQL gotchas – features which work as advertised, but not as expected. Some of these are a little scary, actually.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

It’s the last day of the long weekend. Worked on Problem Set 2 for Electromagnetics in the evening. Ryan pointed out a bug in greedy pattern matching algorithms for the wiki-style comments, which I promptly corrected. Regular expressions are hard.

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User registration system

Discovered the College E-mail Addresses finder. The entry for Georgia Tech was woefully out of date, however. For the remainder of the day, I wrote code for the online journal software. I modified the journal comment system to support a subset of the wiki-style tags using the PCRE functions in PHP, and also added a working user management system to allow members to comment on entries. Lastly, I added a comments tag to the RSS feed.

The supported wiki rules for the comment system follow:

  • New paragraphs are created by skipping a line.
  • HTML code is not allowed by the wiki system, and is converted to a safe, plain-text representation.
  • Surrounding a phrase with asterisk (*), underscore (_), or equals (=) will bold, italicize, or codify a phrase, respectively.
  • A hypertext URL is of the form [ TB | []( ] and results in the link TB. A URL without a name is not allowed.
  • Lists, headings, tables, and other features are not supported, as they are typically not used in comments. I may, however, add in list support at a later date, as it’s a nice, non-trivial exercise in regular expressions.
  • Only one post may be made per journal entry. This rule is enforced by the wiki system.
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