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Multiplayer Neverwinter Nights on Local LAN

Neverwinter Nights requires each player in a local LAN game to own a copy of the game, if any of the clients have external Internet access. This requirement seems a little unreasonable for casual gaming. Luckily, a simple solution exists under Windows to disable server authentication. Simply edit the file:


and add the following lines to remap the Neverwinter Nights official servers to localhost:

Happy gaming!

  1. Unfortunately this doesn’t fix the problem. I still get an error saying that my CD-Key is already in use on that server.

  2. You will still need different CD keys, but this does allow you to use normally blocked CD keys.

  3. It worked for me. Just be sure you don’t add it into the part marked with # as a note, those lines are ignored.

  4. I tried this, and I can host a LAN game, but whenever my friend tries to join it says the CD Key is unauthorized. My friend tried making the game, which was successful, but then I get that error when I join. We are using different keys. I put in the changes listed above, but this is as far as I can get. any ideas?

  5. I am well aware that this post is years old now, but I appreciate this a great deal. You guys helped turn a frustrating horror fest for us D&D nerds into an enjoyable afternoon of gaming.

    Thanks a bunch.

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