ACT-R Models of the Concentration Game

Concentration Our paper on Speed/Accuracy Tradeoff in ACT-R Models of the Concentration Game Game has appeared in the 2013 International Conference on Cognitive Modeling.

This paper describes the development of subsymbolic ACT-R models for the Concentration game. Performance data is taken from an experiment in which participants played the game under two conditions: minimizing the number of mismatches/turns during a game, and minimizing the time to complete a game. Conflict resolution and parameter tuning are used to implement an accuracy model and a speed model that capture the differences for the two conditions. Visual attention drives exploration of the game board in the models. Modeling results are generally consistent with human performance, though some systematic differences can be seen. Modeling decisions, model limitations, and open issues are discussed.

Press: Teaching a Computer to Play ‘Concentration’ Advances Security, Understanding of the Human Mind

Box 2D Type Error in Flash


If you are using Box2DFlash v2.1a with Adobe Flash Professional CS6, you may encounter the following error message upon trying to compile any of the examples under Box2DFlashAS3 2.1a\Examples\:

Source\Box2D\Dynamics\, Line 871 1046: 
Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: 

This compile error occurs in Benchmark.fla, HelloWorld.fla, as well as because the project Target has been inadvertently set to Flash Player 9. Simply change the Target to Flash Player 10.3 or above to eliminate the compilation error.