SMC EtherEZ 8416 on FreeBSD

This is mostly an entry that is useful only to myself, but I know that sometime in the future, I’ll be glad that I wrote it. After a day of struggling, I was finally able to get the SMC EtherEZ 8416 ISA card to work on FreeBSD. After getting a rough idea of how the FreeBSD system operates, it was a walk in the park. Here’s how I did it:

  • The SMC 8416 card is no longer manufactured. Furthermore, the only way to modify the settings on the card is through the Caldera DOS SMC EZStart software, which is difficult to find these days. It’s important enough that I’ve mirrored it on my very own site.
  • The software can be extracted in Windows by using WinImage, or by unzipping the file and using rawrite on Linux. Write the raw image to a floppy disk.
  • Boot from the disk and run ezstart.exe. Turn off PnP support, and write down the I/O base address and the IRQ.
  • Hop back into FreeBSD. Edit the /boot/device.hints file, and scroll down to the ed0 device. Here you can manually load device drivers.
  • Change the disabled variable to 0, and modify the port and irq argument with the values you wrote down earlier. I think that you can leave the maddr field alone.
  • Reboot the machine.
  • Using sysinstall, you’ll find that the device is now available for further configuration.