One λ at a time

Our full paper, One λ at a time: What do we know about presenting human-friendly output from program analysis tools?, has been accepted to the 8th Workshop on Evaluation and Usability of Programming Languages and Tools (PLATEAU) at SPLASH 2017, Vancouver, British Columbia. The paper is useful for human-computer interaction researchers who want to understand the design space of error messages from program analysis tools.

The abstract of the paper follows:

Program analysis tools perform sophisticated analysis on source code to help programmers resolve compiler errors, apply optimizations, and identify security vulnerabilities. Despite the utility of these tools, research suggests that programmers do not frequently adopt them in practice—a primary reason being that the output of these tools is difficult to understand. Towards providing a synthesis of what researchers know about the presentation of program analysis output to programmers, we conducted a scoping review of the PLDI conference proceedings from 1988-2017. The scoping review serves as interim guidance for advancing collaborations between research disciplines. We discuss how cross-disciplinary communities, such as PLATEAU, are critical to improving the usability of program analysis tools.