Converted all my Linux partitions to ReiserFS and ext3. Yummy. Worked with Wonderware’s SCADAlarm system today on the job – it’s quite possibly the most horrendous piece of software that I’ve ever seen. You would think that someone out there would be able to create a better alarm notification system for less than thousands of dollars.

Left to eat with some friends at Cock of the Walk, a great Southern-style restaurant, where we enjoyed greens, fried pickles, onion rings, catfish and chicken fingers, along with some very delicious cole slaw. Cock of the Walk has a very interesting atmosphere; mainly, there is a peculiar feeling that you are inside a sea ship. The way you are served is also different from traditional restaurants. Instead of having individual dishes brought out to everyone, there is a large community plate with the main course, along with several common dishes to share, much like you would find at a typical family dinner. We concluded the night by watching Signs at a nearby movie theater.

The broken Quantum hard drive should be off on its way back to Maxtor, and the transcript request form should be faxed to the University of South Alabama. I modified the PHP journal to confirm removals, since I’ve inadvertantly deleted quite a few entries. Oops. At night, I installed Debian entirely on the SCSI drive.

I left work early today to take a look at some cell phone providers right here in Mobile. I stopped at both SunCom and Cingular, just to take a peek at things. When I came home, I decided to install the replacement Quantum SCSI drive that had arrived (at least it feels like) so very long ago. Today was not a particularly interesting day.

It feels odd not having to wake up and go to class anymore in the morning. Caught up again on my electronic mailing lists – debian-devel, kernel, PIC, and so on. Started reading about state based design from Automated Manufacturing Systems. Went to Sonic on the way back from work to get a delicious strawberry limeade.

Finished drafts of two sequence charts. Covered most of the chapter on event-driven responses such as latches, timers, and counters in Automated Manufacturing Systems. Also read some introductory material in the OpenGL developer guide.

A final lunch with the D-Pad crowd, packed in a table at Denny’s, the traditional ASMS post-party hangout. After returning home and getting situated, experimented with the raytracer POV-Ray (Persistence of Vision) to create some basic models. Hopefully I’ll be able to work with this language a bit more before school begins in the Fall. Covered a few more pages in the EMACS manual, but nothing remarkable. A history test looms in the distance.

D-Pad 1.5

Attended an ASMS alumni party, affectionately named D-Pad 1.5, and graciously hosted by Booze, the focus of course, being video games. Lots of multiplayer Nintendo Gamecube goodness with Monkeyball and Super Smash Bros. Melee, followed by a few takes of the classic Super Mario Kart on SNES. Lots and lots of fun and a good time was had by all.

St. Cyr

A faily mundane day until I took a trip early in the afternoon to St. Cyr, Inc., a manufacturing firm located in Lucedale, Mississippi, to deliver some equipment. While there, got a peek at the PLC racks and motor drives enclosure and saw a demo of a conveyor unit at work making – what else, but rolls of toilet paper!

Before heading off to work, performed a quick Windows 2000 Professional install on a PC that will soon be connected to a PCR machine at the university. Read a fairly short and interesting primer on logical actuators (such as solenoids, valves, cylinders, and hydraulics) and also quickly covered boolean logic design and karnaugh maps in Automated Manufacturing Systems.