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Conference Papers

PLDI 2024

Syntactic Code Search with Sequence-to-Tree Matching: Supporting Syntactic Search with Incomplete Code Fragments by Gabriel Matute, Wode Ni, Titus Barik, Alvin Cheung, and Sarah Chasins

NAACL 2024

UICoder: Finetuning Large Language Models to Generate User Interface Code through Automated Feedback by Jason Wu, Eldon Schoop, Alan Leung, Titus Barik, Jeffrey Bigham, and Jeffrey Nichols


Overwatch: Learning Patterns in Code Edit Sequences by Yuhao Zhang, Yasharth Bajpai, Priyanshu Gupta, Ameya Ketkar, Miltiadis Allamanis, Titus Barik, Sumit Gulwani, Arjun Radhakrishna, Mohammad Raza, Gustavo Soares, and Ashish Tiwari

IUI 2022

Understanding Screen Relationships from Screenshots of Smartphone Applications by Shirin Feiz, Jason Wu, Xiaoyi Zhang, Amanda Swearngin, Titus Barik, and Jeffrey Nichols

CHI 2022

Symphony: Composing Interactive Interfaces for Machine Learning by Alex Bäuerle, Ángel Alexander Cabrera, Fred Hohman, Megan Maher, David Koski, Xavier Suau, Titus Barik, and Dominik Moritz

CHI 2022

Towards Complete Icon Labeling in Mobile Applications by Jieshan Chen, Amanda Swearngin, Jason Wu, Titus Barik, Jeffrey Nichols, and Xiaoyi Zhang

UIST 2021

reCode: A Lightweight Find-and-Replace Interaction in the IDE for Transforming Code by Example by Wode Ni, Joshua Sunshine, Vu Le, Sumit Gulwani, and Titus Barik

UIST 2021

Unravel: A Fluent Code Explorer for Data Wrangling by Nischal Shrestha, Titus Barik, and Chris Parnin

SBES 2021 🏆

Learning Quick Fixes from Code Repositories by Reudismam Rolim, Gustavo Soares, Rohit Gheyi, Titus Barik, Loris D'Antoni

CHI 2021

TweakIt: Supporting End-User Programmers Who Transmogrify Code by Samuel Lau, Sruti Srinivasa Ragavan, Ken Milne, Titus Barik, and Advait Sarkar

CHI 2021

Fork It: Supporting Stateful Alternatives in Computational Notebooks by Nathaniel Weinman, Titus Barik, Steven Drucker, and Rob DeLine


Does Stress Impact Technical Interview Performance? by Mahnaz Behroozi, Shivani Shirolkar, Titus Barik, and Chris Parnin

VLHCC 2020

A Case Study of Software Security Red Teams at Microsoft by Justin Smith, Chris Theisen, and Titus Barik

ICSE 2020 🏆

Here We Go Again: Why Is It Difficult for Developers to Learn Another Programming Language? by Nischal Shrestha, Colton Botta, Titus Barik, and Chris Parnin


Debugging Hiring: What Went Right and What Went Wrong in the Technical Interview Process by Mahnaz Behroozi, Shivani Shirolkar, Titus Barik, and Chris Parnin

CHI 2020 🏆

Wrex: A Unified Programming-by-Example Interaction for Synthesizing Readable Code for Data Scientists by Ian Drosos, Titus Barik, Philip Guo, Robert DeLine, and Sumit Gulwani

CHI 2020 🥈

What's Wrong with Computational Notebooks? Pain Points, Needs, and Design Opportunities by Souti Chattopadhyay, Ishita Prasad, Austin Z. Henley, Anita Sarma, and Titus Barik

CHI 2019 🏆

Managing Messes in Computational Notebooks by Andrew Head, Fred Hohman, Titus Barik, Steven Drucker, and Robert DeLine

VLHCC 2019

Hiring is Broken: What Do Developers Say About Technical Interviews? by Mahnaz Behroozi, Chris Parnin, and Titus Barik

VLHCC 2018

It's Like Python But: Towards Supporting Transfer of Programming Language Knowledge by Nischal Shrestha, Titus Barik, and Chris Parnin


How Should Compilers Explain Problems to Developers? by Titus Barik, Denae Ford, Emerson Murphy-Hill, and Chris Parnin

ICSE 2017

Do Developers Read Compiler Error Messages? by Titus Barik, Justin Smith, Kevin Lubick, Elisabeth Holmes, Jing Feng, Emerson Murphy-Hill, and Chris Parnin

ICSME 2016

From Quick Fixes to Slow Fixes: Reimagining Static Analysis Resolutions to Enable Design Space Exploration by Titus Barik, Yoonki Song, Brittany Johnson, and Emerson Murphy-Hill

VLHCC 2016

A Perspective on Blending Programming Environments and Games: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards by Titus Barik, Emerson Murphy-Hill, and Thomas Zimmermann.


The Bones of the System: A Case Study of Logging and Telemetry at Microsoft by Titus Barik, Robert DeLine, Steven Drucker, and Danyel Fisher


How Developers Visualize Compiler Messages: A Foundational Approach to Notification Construction by Titus Barik, Kevin Lubick, Samuel Christie, and Emerson Murphy-Hill

FIE 2013

A Community College Blended Learning Classroom Experience through Artificial Intelligence in Games by Titus Barik, Michael Everett, Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera, David L. Roberts, and Edward F. Gehringer

ICCM 2013

Speed/Accuracy Tradeoff in ACT-R Models of the Concentration Game by Titus Barik, Arpan Chakraborty, Brent Harrison, David L.Roberts, and Robert St. Amant

AIIDE 2012

Spatial Game Signatures for Bot Detection in Social Games by Titus Barik, Brent Harrison, David L. Roberts, and Xuxian Jiang

Short Conference Papers

FSE VAR 2016

Designing for Dystopia: Software Engineering Research for the Post-Apocalypse by Titus Barik, Rahul Pandita, Justin Middleton, and Emerson Murphy-Hill

FSE NI 2015

I ♥ Hacker News: Expanding Qualitative Research Findings by Analyzing Social News Websites by Titus Barik, Brittany Johnson, and Emerson Murphy-Hill

MSR DS 2015

Fuse: A Reproducible, Extendable, Internet-scale Corpus of Spreadsheets by Titus Barik, Kevin Lubick, Justin Smith, John Slankas, and Emerson Murphy-Hill


Commit Bubbles by Titus Barik, Kevin Lubick, and Emerson Murphy-Hill

Workshop Papers

CACM 2022

Storytelling and Science by Titus Barik, Sumit Gulwani, and Mario Juarez

CHASE 2017

The Tech-Talk Balance: What Technical Interviewers Expect from Technical Candidates by Denae Ford, Titus Barik, Leslie Rand-Pickett, and Chris Parnin

CHASE 2015

Can Social Screencasting Help Developers Learn New Tools? by Kevin Lubick, Titus Barik, and Emerson Murphy-Hill

Journal Papers

IV 2013

Interactive Ambient Visualizations for Soft Advice by Emerson Murphy-Hill, Titus Barik, and Andrew P. Black

Book Chapters