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Migrating from WordPress to Hugo

I’ve been running a WordPress version of this site since around 2004. Today, I migrated the site to Hugo and it is now hosted on Cloudflare Pages.

There were many reasons I decided to leave WordPress.

Antiquated LAMP stack. WordPress came with baggage that I no longed used for anything other than WordPress. It has been over a decade since I have needed PHP or MySQL, or esoteric Apache modules like suEXEC and FastCGI. Yet, having a WordPress site forced me to keeping maintaining this technology stack. I would like to eject these technologies from my brain.

Hosting costs. Hosting costs are around $20 a month. I also had to maintain the underlying virtual machine, which ran Ubuntu. I don’t want to be a system administrator. Today, there are many static hosting services that are completely free for small personal sites like mine.

Trends in social media. Social media has eclipsed blogs for life updates. RSS never caught on. I still keep a News page.

Personal habits. I’m a busy person and I don’t have time to blog.

Migrating to Hugo

Hugo logo

I switched to Hugo because—unlike Jekyll—it’s a single binary. I had also considered Zola. Unfortunately, at the time of this migration, Zola doesn’t work with Cloudflare.

Hugo has its own complications, but at this point, perfect is the enemy of done.